Venice Pizza House

Sam LoMedico, who was born and raised in Italy and had a lifelong dream of moving to America. He arrived in Detroit in 1939, and his brother Frank helped in get on his feet by offering him work in the restaurant business. Food is what Italians do best, so after several years in Detroit, Sam and his wife Prudie seeked out a more comfortable life for their family by moving to San Diego, and with that came Venice Pizza on El Cajon Boulevard.

For nearly 60 years, Venice Pizza has solidified itself as true family operation where the LoMedico’s children, grandchildren, cousins, neighbors and regular customers gather and share in the comfort of their heavenly pizza and hardy authentic Italian cuisine. This is a place where customers befriend customers, where a usual customer is treated like family, and where waitresses are concerned when a regular hasn’t been coming around for awhile.

Three generations of family have helped keep the legacy of Venice Pizza alive, but it’s the food that brings people back for more. Their pizza has been spotlighted as the number 1 or amongst the top 5 on every local channel, newspaper and magazine for as long as the restaurant has been around. All their sauces— the marinara, meat, pesto and alfredo are homemade and they also make their own sausage. Restaurants don’t get great reviews by using sub-par ingredients. When it comes to their pizza, and so many of their Italian classics, such as homemade lasagna, manicotti, and chicken parmesan, you can expect high quality mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, and all those other simple flavors that makes Venice Pizza a cherished San Diego institution.

As all businesses go, there is a need to keep up with the times without losing track of one’s identity. The owners of Venice Pizza are just beginning to explore more flavorful local beer options and expand their menu to include lighter dishes, such as a caprese salad and a portabella sandwich. They would even like to win the opportunity to get on the Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible which seeks, in just two days, to boost a restaurant’s appeal. In the case of Venice Pizza, with its long history of serving some of the best Italian food in town, a few simple changes might be helpful, but it’s the authenticity of this neighborhood establishment that has kept the restaurant packed with happy customers since 1954.


Venice Pizza House

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