City of San Diego Parking Meter District Program
The Parking Meter District Program was established in 1997 and there are currently three designated parking meter districts in the City. The program distributes a portion of the parking meter revenue to the designated districts and the funds may be used for parking lots, parking structures, valet parking, signage, landscaping, maintenance, and security. The three designated districts are in the downtown, Uptown, and Mid-City communities. The districts have been able to set aside 45 percent of parking revenues to be used in for parking solutions in their respective districts. The El Cajon Boulevard BID serves as the fiscal agent and administrator for the MidCity Parking Meter District.

Existing Conditions
The Mid-City area suffers not so much from the lack of parking, but from a host of challenges - including the perceived lack of parking - that have kept its commercial districts from realizing their full potential. As a result, many of the District activities are intended to work in tandem with other economic development activities. These efforts include providing shuttles to entertainment areas ad special events, enhancing transit facilities and initiating parking management strategies to better utilize existing parking stock.